Wintery Guanella Pass + Georgetown, Colorado

Prior to moving to Colorado, my encounters with the wilderness were far and few between. I'd be lucky if I came across a tree that hadn't just been planted. Don't get me wrong, my homes in the midwest were nurturing and stepping stones for where I am today, but the west is truly where I need to be. 

Living in a space that effortlessly encourages exploring the great outdoors is a dream come true. At any given moment, I can be in my Jeep, pulling myself off the grid and going to where the wifi is weak. No matter what the reason is, escapism or celebration, the mountains always seem to welcome me with the biggest of hugs. 

Last week, I needed one of those big, mountain hugs. My brain was absolutely drained, anxiety through the roof, and I quite honestly, I just needed a jolt of creativity. Needless to say, I aimlessly wandered into the mountains without a direction other than west. 

I found myself on the snowy path of Guanella Pass just outside Georgetown, Colorado. The winding road lead me higher up the mountain and further away from the little town below. As I drove, I was suddenly surrounded by Evergreen trees. And if you know anything about me, Evergreen trees are my favorite. I rolled my window down to let my car drown in the scent of wild Evergreens and let the rush fill my soul. 

I pulled off along the side of the road because the valley was flooded with the golden hour sunlight. It was where I needed to be.