My Favorite Colorado Hiking Trail

Whether you're visiting or residing in Colorado, chances are you've Google searched "best hiking trails colorado." I'm going to take a wild guess and assume your search query was flooded with results, all vying for your attention. Every link resulted in an overwhelming, yet repeated list- some even requiring at least a four hour drive before reaching the trail head. Trust me, I've been in your hiking shoes. 

Being the new kid in Colorado (a little over two years ago), I was scrambling to find "the best" hiking trails. All I knew was I wanted to be in the car no more than two hours, incredible views, and a sweet elevation gain. And being the new kid, the All Trails app never crossed my path until this year. If I had access to this app back then, I can almost guarantee it would have saved me frustration and heartache. If you're unfamiliar with the All Trails app, educate yourself here. Essentially, you can filter hikes with your goals and/or preferences. I highly recommend it.

Thanks to my trusty Google Maps skills, I was able to locate a hiking trail a little over an hour outside of Denver: Mount Sniktau. From what I could tell, the hike would offer incredible views and an elevation gain. Needless to say I was in my car within moments of finding this trail. 

Flash forward to now, Mount Sniktau and Loveland Pass is my favorite Colorado hiking trail. In fact, it's my favorite place in the world. Even though this hiking trail claims a very special place in my heart, I try not to go all the time. I fell in love with it's sweeping landscape and enchanting vibes. The first time I summited both passes, my body was covered in goose bumps. These trails have that much power over me.  

Mount Sniktau + Loveland Pass

I'm in constant awe of Mount Snikatu and Loveland Pass' beauty. Here are some photos I've captured over the course of two years while I was visiting the trail. 


I believe nature releases my creative and I'm able to think more clearly. Being on top of a mountain amplifies that experience for me. I encourage you next time you're in Colorado or have a free weekend, allow yourself to wander along the Mount Sniktau + Loveland Pass trail.