MinneSNOWta and the Falls

How I show others I care and love on them is through quality time. I've never been one to be the best gift-giver or have the right words to turn any situation into a positive one. Quality time, to me, can be anywhere from running errands with that person or going on a trip filled with nonstop activities. Much like a dog who just wants to be with you, that's how I am when I'm around people I admire. 

Towards the end of January I made a last minute ticket purchase to spend time my sweet friend, Becca in Minneapolis, MN. I schemed with her friend Madi from college to make this an epic surprise. I've never been good at surprises so what happened when I walked off the plane didn't phase me. 

My flight landed close to midnight on a Friday night and...

...long story short, Becca wasn't home. It's the thought that counts, right? I had to wait until 11a the next day to officially surprise her. It was worth the wait and perfect timing as a girl's weekend was much needed. To cheer her up, I took photos of her face at Minnehaha Falls. 

If you know anything about me, waterfalls are my favorite nature feature (next to foggy mountains, of course). So in a way, this was a treat for both of us. 

The stairs down to the falls were snow and ice covered. I can confirm that I white-knuckled my way down, hoping I wouldn't slip and earn myself a gnarly bruise. Thankfully keeping a low-center of gravity is the trick to getting down ice-y stairs. 

After a Park Ranger kicked us out (and almost landing a trespassing ticket), Becca and I snuck onto a hiking trail along the river and it was my favorite way to spend an afternoon.

Thank you for letting me hijack your weekend and for singing ridiculous, made-up songs while we drove around town. Our 21 year friendship means everything to me.