I think it's almost natural for a blogger to write, at least once in their career, "I took a hiatus" post. As I reflected on my reason why I began writing and sharing my photos, I sort of lost my momentum. This blog and entire website was started because I felt an unspoken pressure to leave a personal URL link whilst filling out applications online. 

After countless rejection letters and 6-months of unemployment, I felt my work was under appreciated. 

Since my last post on April 27, I was offered a job with a digital advertising agency here in Denver.   And not to sound too basic, my life went 0 to 100 real quick since reading my offer letter. 

Suddenly, my life opened up with possibilities that I had taken off the table for half year. I could finally enjoy being with my friends, focusing at the gym, and get more than one bag of groceries. 

I think people think it's taboo to talk about unemployment. Sure, I'd lump it in the category of unpleasantries, but unemployment is an unfortunate fact of life. Even the best of people find themselves out of a job and have to pivot quickly to make ends meet. 

Although being out of work 6-months put me in a financial hell, I was given time to appreciate where I am now, be grateful for learning opportunities at work, and really understand where my money is going. *Shameless plug to bring up how I use Mint to manage my finances and Acorns to invest for now and later.*

  • If you have a job now, be thankful.
    • Don't be underwhelmed when Monday rolls around, or get annoyed with emails, or complain about how you have to go to work. It can all be taken away from you. Remember, a lot of people would do anything to be in your shoes.
  • If you don't have a job, be persistent.
    • Grind every damn day until you get a "yes." Rejection letters are demoralizing, I know. But you have to keep going. Forget the ones who think you aren't good enough or "have enough experience"-- everything happens for a reason. Believe that. Some of the jobs I wanted to go in my favor, would have been a terrible outcome for me. When you get rejected, think of it as a redirection. 

To celebrate my new beginnings, I did an engagement-style photoshoot. They asked, I said YES!