Something Good Can Work: Manifest Experience

As a 20-something millennial, it seems normal that my thoughts are occupied 50% career focused, 30% financial learning, 15% photography opportunities, and 5% Internet memes. Last week, I was inspired by a valley in Loveland Pass and over the course of a week, that inspiration developed into soul-searching. My mind quickly shifted to 100% self-reflection. 

I wondered what I could be doing to change my mindset. How can I make life as easy as running down into the valley at Loveland Pass? What else can I do to make life even more enjoyable? With however much or little I have, I still want the best possible outcome in every facet of life. 

And with that, I began teaching myself about manifesting things into existence. 

Wait. Pause. Isn't this that weird delusional thinking that's up there with crystal healing? Trust me, I've known about manifesting for years but never thought it was me since I thought of myself as the "Life Is Good" stick figure. And yes, I thought manifesting was weird. How could you *possibly* think things into your life?

Since I had nothing to lose, I decided to give it a shot. 

Every morning and sporadically throughout the day, I'd tactfully say, "Money, good health, and opportunities surround me. Money, good health, and opportunities favor me." Not even two days later, I was looking through a box of old cards and letters and wouldn't ya know I came across an unopened envelope with my name on it. A $50 bill slid out the card. Guys, I was SHOOK. 

Did I not just say that money, good health, and opportunities surround me? I was in complete awe but a little freaked out at the same time. While I requested these good things for myself, I also walked around like I actually already had these going for me. I truly believed this about myself. But to see money just fall out of a card- I wasn't prepared for the goodness that came my way so quickly- but I was grateful. 

And I still am. 

If I can manifest $50 into my life, what else am I capable of? 
In my research, I learned that it's helpful to also write down your goal to help bring it to fruition. With that being said, I have ~$20,000 left to pay back in student loans. This will be paid off in 5 years or less. 

I'm so excited about manifesting. It's even changed my way of approaching conversations with myself and peers. I'm speaking from a place of gratitude and hopefulness. 

If you haven't tried manifesting, I encourage you to try. It will feel silly at first, but I sure didn't feel silly when I had $50 sitting in front of me. I want to hear your manifesting stories! Drop a comment or tell me next time you see me. This is exciting stuff. 

Ask the universe for something and believe that you are worthy of receiving it.

Chicago circa May 2018

Chicago circa May 2018