I Love You, Loveland Pass

My favorite place in the entire world is Loveland Pass, CO. If you've been with me since the beginning, you'd already know this about me. How lucky am I to have such a special place not even two hours away from me? I remember the first time I summited and was greeted with such a magnificent view- completely awestruck. I hope that whenever you get the chance to travel around Colorado, you get to surround yourself with the greatness I call Loveland Pass.

For nearly a week, my family was in Colorado visiting me. We had a family reunion in Colorado Springs and spent time exploring caves by candle light, wandering the streets of Manitou Springs, and rafting the Arkansas River. And while these experiences are special to me, nothing beats taking my Mom to Loveland Pass and watching her hike a fairly challenging trail. At first she insisted on hiking to the top of North Table Mountain, one she was familiar with, but I was adamant on taking her further West to something with more zest (~*rhyming*~). While she exercises regularly, this wasn't a walk in the park for her and I'm so happy to have spent time on top of a mountain with my Mom. 

We spent at least an hour gazing at the sweeping landscape, running around while the wind played with our hair, and I did some handstands. These are the moments I live for- the moments you spend living but don't know that later on they will be a memory that holds so much value.

When I'm with someone I love, I like to ask them what their favorite part of the day was. Every time I asked her, she responded, "Getting to the top of the mountain." I hope my Mom will remember the time she conquered not the mountain, but herself. There's something to be said about going out of your comfort zone and accomplishing something you never thought was possible. Mom, if you're reading this, I'm so proud of you. 

Check out that clutch bag though.

Check out that clutch bag though.

Reaching the top
Mom and Me
Post Hike Celebratory Pic