Blowing Off Steam On the Georgetown Train

When did I become afraid? Was it when I failed or when I was told I wasn't good enough? I can't pinpoint the exact moment, but I recently experienced a reality check. It was such an innocent, genuine moment I think a lot of us experience. We're greeted with opportunities go to "live" but often pass up the chance to let loose and go do

When I was hiking down from Loveland Pass the other day, I saw a beautiful valley that just begged to be frolicked through. Deep down I wanted to go run through the wildflowers and fresh greenery, but I was paralyzed with the thought of doubts and internal harsh judgement. 

Let me tell you something about the mind. It can be overcome. 

While I stood on the trail, gawking at this valley, I had a very short, but impactful inner-dialogue. I asked myself why I couldn't go play. Why wasn't I allowing myself to simply run down a valley? The devil's advocate inside me came up with piss poor answers and with that, I took off. 

With my arms spread wide, I let the wind guide me to the bowl. I had my very own Sound of Music moment- twirl and all. I ran back up the side of the valley to get back on the trail with the dorkiest of smiles on my face. And it was this desire that sparked my Why Not movement. 

Without hesitation yesterday, I bought a train ride ticket. Why? Simply put, I wanted to go ride a historic train loop and I knew there was a passenger train in Georgetown, Colorado. And with my confidence renaissance, I packed my camera and drove West.

Boarding the Georgetown Train solo confused some people, I think. We live in a community dominated culture (which I think is fantastic) but the thought of doing things alone is scary for people. Quite honestly, riding the train by myself because I wanted to was such a liberating and empowering action. This was such a small demonstration of action, but it reshaped my character and built confidence within myself. 

We often forget that baby steps are still moving us forward. 

I'm chugging along in this adventure called life and I'm so glad the valley of Loveland Pass invited me to challenge my inner self. 

Thanks for sticking with me through that incredibly personal blog. I just felt it was necessary to preface why I went on a train ride and how I came to find myself there. Hopefully I passed some subconscious encouragement to go do that one thing you've been putting off. If you felt nothing, well, here are some exciting photos from my trip around the Historic Georgetown Loop Railroad*.

*If you'd like a history lesson on the Georgetown Loop Railroad, check this out.

Silver Plume deport
Leaving the station
Ride by train
Train on bridge
Under the bridge