Putting Casper to Sleep (Just For A While)

A lot of people don’t know that I worked two jobs for about a year.

I currently work for a highly respected, wickedly talented, and humble plastic surgeons here in Denver. (Ask me about Gynecomastia procedures!) And I was formerly employed with Casper, the innovative mattress company, whilst employed with the surgeons. Yup, you read that right. I wasn’t a mattress sales person. I was just a gal sellin’ some dreams.



Working two jobs was the hardest I had ever hustled. I put in (sometimes) 15+ hours of work only to get up and do it all over the next day. I thought I knew what discipline was prior to juggling two jobs. *laughs*

Walking away from this experience, I can confidently say that I’m more than disciplined. I’m unstoppable. 50 hour work weeks are child’s play and those who complain about it are WEAK.

I stand by what I said.

However, when I began noticing that my primary job with the surgeons started demanding more hours, I had to make the incredibly difficult decision to let something go. And that something was unfortunately my PT position with Casper.

This is my second week away from juggling two jobs and I’ve finally had a moment to myself to reflect on what an incredible year I had with Casper:

The Company

The biggest reason why I applied to Casper (more than once) was simply because their content marketing is so engaging. Prior to working with the company, I was ready to direct mail my debit card and have them buy me all the things. Their marketing was that good. Oh you have a different opinion? You’re allowed to think that but you’re wrong.
Casper pours so much care and love into everything they do— not just the marketing. Once hired on, I got an in-depth look into how corporate operates. I was stunned and impressed by the amount of detail they put into everything. All the way down to the Sales training manuals.

My team

If you’ve ever heard me speak of Jacob Ryan or Summer, these are the people that fostered and sharpened my work ethic and encouraged me to think about ideas in an abstract way. My brain was stretched to new dimensions and I’ll never go back to how I processed information in the past. Even though I was a part timer, they dedicated time to provide me a 6-month review. I was humbled and delighted to hear my team appreciates my reliableness. That was my big take-away and I have found rest in their feedback. It’s so important to hear the positive things about you as an employee. Jacob Ryan or Summer, if you’re reading this, thank you for recognizing that in me. I needed to hear it.

Me as a human

I proudly classify myself as an introvert with extroverted desires. I so badly want to start talking to others but desperately need a reason to strike up a conversation. I have so much to say and love engaging conversations that are fun and filled with laughter. Upon joining Casper, I never could see myself as a “sales” person just because of my blanketed consensus that Sales is for the extroverted.
But through persistent training and a friendly approach to a personality trait I never thought I had, I can confidently approach people in a fun, approachable manner.

I’m really going to miss Casper. I loved my journey with such a human-centric company and I can’t wait to see what they do next. I’m sad I won’t get to be part of the next steps, but I’m so proud that I get to cheer on from a distance. I hope one day I can work for Casper again.

But until then, keep on dreamin’ on.