My Word

Wow, 27 is weird.

Like, I’m in this weird space where in the same day I can make comments like, “Oh, I’m too old for that,” and, “Oh my gosh, I’m too young for that.” Can anyone else relate?

But as my time with 27 is getting shorter and shorter, I can feel myself molting out, rather, forced to grow into something more mature. For all my psychology folks out there, yes I know my prefrontal-cortex has closed and I’m a “real” adult now. it still doesn’t help the fact that I can feel myself letting go of trivial in/tangibles. Is this normal to be a little freaked out by this?

The things I was once concerned with have now taken a back seat and the things I never really gave a thought to have been brought to the forefront of my daily acknowledgments.

I sometimes find myself reaching out to entertain these useless thoughts; just to hold them one last time. Like as if I’m putting them in a memory drawer that I probably won’t open back up for another 10 years.

Even though this is happening in my life, I’m convinced that we all have this moment. The moment where we realize that we are moving on to better, more elevated things. And after much reflection, I’ve realized what my word is for this year:


Year over year, we all grow in some capacity. Mine specifically is about growing mentally, taking on more challenging roles in my career, and not being afraid of the difficult conversations.

I’m coming into my own and I like who I am. It’s taken me a while to be able to say that, but I’m so glad I have been able to get there.

What's your word? What is life challenging you with? How are you rising to the occasion?

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