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Warding Off Sunday Scaries With Lake Isabelle

Getting up before the rest of the world brings me sophrosyne. In the blanket of darkness, it's like I can hear the R.E.M. sleep happening all around me. I love the eerie stillness complimented by the positive "anything is possible" mentality.

Sunday, I soaked up all that 4a brings me and got a hike in. 

I'm a firm believer in that surrounding yourself with nature can relieve anxiety. Not that I'm an anxious person (we all have our flaws, okay Shannon?), I can feel my soul resetting after an extended amount of time in the wilderness. Sunday has a way of creeping up on us. While some of you enjoy brunch (I'm more of a sleep in and WOD kind of gal), Sunday evening never fails to be the Debbie Downer of the week. In order for me to feel fully recharged and ready, I hangout with nature. It's my personal emergency reset button so that I can take on whatever the week has planned for me. 

Solo hikes are great, but they're even better with others to share experiences with. My friend Katie and I found ourselves in the middle of Indian Peaks Wilderness. Almost immediately, we were greeted by 7 or 8 bull Moose. I forget how GIGANTIC those creatures are. It's a magnetic push/pull effect that makes me want to get as close as comfortably possible but also keep my distance due to their size. 

Reaching the fork in the trail to link up with Lake Isabelle was like getting smacked in the face with a zillion evergreen trees. I've never smelled such a potent evergreen scent before; all I wanted to do was bottle it up and bring it home with me. 

The trail was lined with equal parts pine and inspiring views. I especially loved crossing the skinny plank bridge over the mini rushing water fall. 

When I rounded the trail and saw the lake, my jaw dropped. I had never seen something so beautiful in my life. Okay, that may be an exaggeration, but it made my Top 10 List of Beautiful Views. The way the jagged mountains cradled this glacier lake water was something unlike I had never seen before. It's nice to be reminded of how small you actually are when you're in nature like that.

There was a huge rock pile jutting out into the lake. It just begged to be climbed on so Katie and I scrambled our way to the top, ate some food, and naturally had a photoshoot. I mean, with a view like that, how could you not?

Shout out to the wind for making my hair look extra and for the mountains for doin' their thaaaang.

Needless to say, Monday, you ain't got nothin' on me. 

Indian Peaks Wilderness
Golden Hour
Lake Isabelle
Katie and me
Katie and me